Cross Laminated Timber

By Platte 15 Administrator In Platte Fifteen




Every generation craves a connection with their environment, to live and work in curated places which feel cared for, while still cultivating state-of-the-art space.  Because this type of environment is currently found in traditional, brick and timber buildings, PlatteFifteen is the first of its kind in Denver to merge new construction with the character and comfort found in exposing old structure.  Platte Fifteen introduces, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) to the market, establishing a new benchmark for authentic environments and sustainability.


What if the built environment could offer a reduced carbon footprint, be on the cutting edge of technology and also reflect the artisan quality of natural materials that we so desire?  Unlike traditional heavy timber, CLT is harvested from young trees and laminated together to create a high density and unequivocally strong material.   Precision manufactured, the actual construction process produces reduced environmental waste and a quicker assembly time.  As a greater health benefit, the heavy timber throughout the building offers improved thermal performance and absorbs C02 before harvestation which leads to fewer carbon emissions during the manufacturing process compared to competing materials.